Role of an Organization in the Supply Chain

According to Supply Chain Digest, in India there are four main levels of supply chain cooperation. Level I: Transaction integration.

According to supply chain Digest, there are four primary levels of supply chain cooperation. Level I consists of two parts, one being the internal infrastructure used by an organization and the other being the external infrastructure used by an organization to deliver products. Level II: Integration of internal infrastructure with external infrastructure.

Organizations using Level II as their main infrastructure are called integrated organizations. These organizations use both internal and external resources to deliver their goods to their consumers. Level III: External infrastructure is used by an organization to deliver products to a specific location. In this case, the company must procure resources like gas, shipping and manpower from the third party.

The third level refers to the role an organization plays in the supply chain process. This includes activities like sourcing, processing, and fulfillment. Level IV: This is an organization which uses third-party resources like machinery, labor, and services for its activities.

According to the Supply chain Digest, in India there is an important gap between the infrastructure used by organizations in the west and in the east. Therefore, the Indian companies that have been able to bridge the gap are the ones who are considered to be one of the top players in the supply chain industry. Indian companies such as Bharti Airtel, Tata Group, Bharti Infrastructure, and Mahindra Group have proven that they are able to implement the correct strategy in order to meet the requirements of their customers. Their strategies are based on providing services at a very low cost.

In India, one has to understand that a lot of resources are required to operate and manage an organization such as the management of infrastructure. With the help of an effective technology infrastructure in India, organizations can save a lot of resources. These resources can then be utilized to provide superior services. Companies are now focusing more on the implementation of these technologies to ensure that they can provide better service to their customers in the coming years.

There are many resources that are currently being used by organizations to manage the infrastructure. For example, there are software packages, web portals, and mobile phones that can provide information to managers about the availability and status of resources such as trucks, machinery, and personnel in real time.

Management of the infrastructure has also changed. In the past, managers had to manually check the status of resources while working within an organization. Today, they can simply log on to the web and view the status of the resources from the safety of their home. A key point that companies are trying to focus on is providing better resources to the organizations so that they can increase their production.

The use of technology in the supply chain has made life easier and quicker. With the help of this technology, people are able to easily access information about the status of the resources needed to deliver a good quality product or service.

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