The Power of Custom Neon Signs

When it comes to custom neon signage, it can be tricky knowing which one to choose. These signs are designed to be made to order, so they are made to fit an individual company’s specifications and aesthetic style. Each custom LED or custom neon sign has; mounting brackets and/or a hang chain, a 6 foot power cord, an electrical power adaptor, and a universal AC wall outlet. All custom neon signs are created in the USA and shipped to any part of the world where the power is available. Because of the fragile nature of neon, only can ship traditional neon signs within the USA and Canada. Please contact the manufacturer before you place an order to find out if these signs will be delivered internationally.

Many companies prefer custom-made neon signs over the readymade variety because they are more difficult to install and require more effort on the part of the company installing the signs. Custom neon signage can be made for any business by any number of people, including professionals. Once your custom neon signage has been produced, you are able to place it into place in a way that will be easy on you and on your employees. You can use it as a temporary or permanent sign on your building or on the outside of a store. Custom neon signage is used for advertising in every day life, from car lots to hospitals. Companies also use custom neon signage as a great advertising tool at trade shows. If you’re in the advertising field, you’ll love that neon sign’s ability to change the look and feel of a space.

Custom neon signage is not just for businesses but is also available for individuals and events. When it comes to custom neon signage, you can design a sign to go in just about any area of your home, business, store or even park. With all of the options available, it’s easy to make sure you can find the custom signage you need for whatever your purpose.